Coloured paper cut to point in varying sizes. Layer to create depth, tape across bottom edge. Hand write with pen and ink on paper.

springsparkle1 springsparkle2

Amongst the notices for firewood, ride on lawn mowers and other small businesses, there’s a photocopied A4 poster promoting the Words in Winter Trentham 2014 program. I’ve designed the poster and DL brochure to promote the weekend events in this small town in the Hepburn Shire!





Specs: Handwritten “waiting on the sparkle” on curious metallic 125gsm

According to the calendar, it’s four weeks until September (& spring) – I’m counting.


Specs: “four” handwritten on curious metallics silver 125gsm



If you are like me and love writing a list (as old fashioned as list making is in our techno world), you will find this list a source of inspiration.


Specs: Handwritten list on photocopy paper as seen in a bridal shop window.

There isn’t much call for money orders any more. There is always call for great old hand painted signage & wonderful typography however.

And gold is always superb.


There’s so much to love about these newspapers from 1950 that are for sale on ebay.


According to those who know such things, the first rule of online writing is to make your heading applicable, and easily searchable on google. As it’s 2014 and a long time since 1768, I’m pretty sure this heading will never be searched for in google. But imagine if someone did and this page came up on google!

Anyway, this list of names by month is printed on barely there paper, you know the kind that you can see-through and you could almost use as a tissue. To me this is wonderful paper and printing as someone has been really careful, patient and taken time to ensure that the paper is loaded onto the printer and able to be printed on. Mmmm.paperpi_tableau


Retro advertising posters are very in-vogue at the moment.

This one is an ad. for a small French village called Rocamadour.

Specs: 300gsm gloss, printed full colour one side


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