Getting this close to Easter it’s chocolate, chocolate everywhere. My spoon is at the ready should this paper chocolate become edible.


Specs: Chocolate torn from magazine but it looks really yummy!

Back in the day wood type was a great leap forward.


This beautiful script on the inside of “The Ideal Book for Girls” makes me wonder what the relationship between Phylis and Myra was.


I also wonder if Phylis liked her Xmas gift.


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When compared to invoices we receive today, this one from a London printers in 1894 wins the award for style, effort and calligraphy.


Available to purchase from ebay!


Has my heart been stolen from Pantone 630 with what I will call delphinium blue?



The swing tag off my new coffee mug is smooth, shiny & the perfect blue, just like the mug itself!

Pantone 630 you are a beautiful shade of blue somewhere between sky and baby, love it.


Whilst on the subject of Pantone, the colour/hue of 2014 is Radiant Orchid, 18-3224 on Pantone’s colour  chart, according to the Pantone Colour Institute.


Expect to see this hue on a catwalk and cushion cover near you!



‘New old lights’ by Taiwanese, kimu design studio, combine traditional paper lanterns within  wooden shades.

paperpi_lanterns1 paperpi_lanterns2


After posting on Friday the 14th day of the second month of the 14th year, I started to think about significant dates which made me think of my own birthday which made me think that there’s lots of significant dates throughout the year, like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, April Fools Day etc, – whew!

So then I thought I should start a small line in cards for birth dates, so I will! Handwritten names and birthdates, available soon.



Beautiful paper butterflies on a deck. So easy to make! Cut out the shape of two butterflies, one smaller than the other and sew down the middle. Use any kind of paper over 80gsm in your favourite colour.


This butterfly art  is a little pricier as the shapes are cut from paper currency, so if you have a few spare dollar bills you might try this version.

erika harrsch forms delicate currency butterflies from prints of paper currency. This piece is called ‘papilionumismia specimens’ - love the shape of the butterflies that look like they are all flying away.



These currency butterflies are framed just like the specimen versions you see in museums.



You can really find inspiration anywhere, can’t you?
Walking around my neighbourhood in Melbourne can be inspiring. It’s changing almost daily with new eateries, more coffee and the public paper art is improving.